Vassia means gift of God.  It comes from the name Agios Vasilis. The story of St. Basil is quite similar to the one of St. Nicholas (the Western Santa Claus). St. Basil (Agios Vasileios) was a kind-hearted and helpful man, who was aiding the poor and needy ones while he was a bishop in Caesarea.  We (Nathalie & Jiannis) are fascinated by this story, which is one of the reasons we called our shop VASSIAS.  Every single piece is handcrafted with love and care, designed to ignite your stories and tales.   

VASSIAS is more than just an accessory - we want to help build a stronger community.  Together with our valued customers, we provide a gift of love and hope by helping children in El Salvador.  Our teams in El Salvador are providing health education and care to children in need through our school health programs to help children stay healthy, well-nourished and in school. 

What's more, we're impowering artisans (women) in El Salvador by giving them livelihood programs and helping them create bracelets/jewelries and more.

We always look for loving accessories. A gift of love. A gift of Hope.

Each piece is a keepsake. A treasure. We want to tell your story, to make you feel powerful, and to make you feel protected.

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